Guatemala Will Present its Tourism Offer at Fitur 2023

Guatemala will participate as a partner country in the next International Tourism Fair -Fitur- 2023.

by Domenika Reyes

Guatemala will participate in the International Tourism Fair -Fitur- held in Madrid from January 18 to 22. On this occasion, Guatemala becomes the first Central American country to attend this event as a partner. 

According to the Guatemalan Tourism Institute -Inguat- the fair represents an ideal meeting point between markets. The event will promote the country’s rich heritage, culture, and biodiversity. 

At Fitur, Guatemala will have the opportunity to exhibit the country’s main tourist attractions and representative cultural activities under its recent brand: Guatemala, amazing and unstoppable. 

The tourism segments that will be  showcased are culture, represented by activities such as The Holy Week, after its addition  to the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity; the gastronomy, which stood out in 2022 with the listing of three Guatemalan restaurants in the 50 best restaurants in Latin America. Also, weddings and honeymoons, cruises, volunteering, biodiversity, and health and wellness.  

The program includes an official opening ceremony on Wednesday, January 18, and on the remaining days, the National Congress Business Travel 2023, the Fitur Talent Day, as well as the presentation of the Aire Libre Awards, Commitment to Sustainable Tourism, among other activities such as conferences, forums, and visits to booths.

Land of Eternal Spring 

Guatemala is known as the “Land of Eternal Spring” because of its pleasant year-round climate. Tourists enjoy visiting Guatemala to explore one of the 19 countries cataloged as a megadiverse worldwide for its rich culture, traditions, and diversity of activities in its beautiful flora and fauna.

One activity in Guatemala is adventure tourism, which are  outdoor physical activities that can be carried out, and the income generated by tourism in natural areas is mostly reinvested in the conservation of local biodiversity.


Sustainability is essential for the tourism chain as its focus is to provide high-quality services and develop tourism products to ensure that these will help promote the protection  of nature and biodiversity.

Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Guatemala is known for its natural, cultural, and historical heritage. It is a country rich in flora and fauna, a place surrounded by lagoons, rivers, lakes, and volcanoes, ideal for living experiences surrounded by nature.


Guatemala City, where the center of the country is located, is a cosmopolitan city in Central America. Antigua Guatemala is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its colonial places. Petén, the capital of the Mayan empire, is the largest department in Guatemala, as well as the largest sub-national entity in Central America. The Guatemalan highlands offer the perfect combination of natural beauties, spectacular mountainous landscapes, and traditions of the Mayan culture. The Altiplano region, where pine forests and active volcanoes allow hiking, canopy, and ecotourism. Izabal, a destination with abundant ecological places, is ideal for enjoying the white sand beaches and Caribbean vibe. Las Verapaces, region comprised of Alta Verapaz and Baja Verapaz, is characterized by having different climates to visit, its unique crystal clear water falls, natural pools and lush cloud forests. The Pacific, a destination where you can find places to recreate and share with the family, and where you can find water parks, safaris and beaches to enjoy the warm weather of that region. These are the destinations in Guatemala that Fitur shows.

A Country with Great Tourism 

In the last decades, tourism in Guatemala has been an essential element in the country’s development  by allowing a greater creation of jobs and foreign exchange income. It has been  a priority for the Government of President Alejandro Giammattei.

 During January 2022, a total of 78,285 visitors entered the country, of which 92% were tourists and 8% were hikers. The data represents 72% of tourist in the country, compared to January last year, according to the Tourism Statistical Bulletin, prepared by the Guatemalan Tourism Institute -INGUAT-.

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