Guatemala Upholds the Regional Commitment of an Orderly and Safe Migration

The Guatemalan Foreign Minister asked people to refrain from migrating irregularly since they put their lives at risk.

by Domenika Reyes

Guatemala City. -AGN- Brenda Larios. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mario Búcaro, reaffirmed the commitment of the government of Guatemala to ensure an orderly and safe migration.

He expressed, “We have been working on the massive flows of migrants. As a government, we reaffirm our commitment to ensure orderly, safe, regular, and optional migration.”

The diplomat also called for people to avoid risking their lives by migrating irregularly.

Joint Operation

On October 21, authorities of Guatemala and Mexico carried out an operational exercise at the Rodolfo Robles bridge located on  the border between Tecún Umán, San Marcos, and Ciudad Hidalgo, Chiapas.

Bucaro stated, “We are coordinating actions with Mexico, in our borders, to create the conditions that will allow a regular migration.”

Honduran authorities also participated in this meeting. The purpose was to continue strengthening the coordination on border issues, particularly the exchange of information and good practices.

Ongoing Communication

The authorities of Guatemala and Mexico stressed the need to establish alliances to  exchange strategic information on mixed migratory flows and to fight  the smuggling of migrants and human trafficking.

Likewise, these strategies also seek to generate timely care for migrants in vulnerable situations. These must rely upon respect for human rights.

They also urged dialogue and collaboration between countries of origin, transit, and destination to provide effective responses to prevent massive flows of people migrating irregularly. These actions are taken under the principle of shared responsibility.

In addition, it was stressed that the necessary guidelines should be strengthened to increase regional cooperation and create the conditions for safe, orderly, humane, and regular migration. This is part of the commitments undertaken in the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection, signed in June 2022.

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