Guatemala Stands Out at the Digital E-Leaders Summit and Red Gealc

The XVII Annual Meeting of the Inter-American Digital Government Network, Red Gealc took place on November 21 and 22.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN-. Enrique Cossich, GAE’s coordinator and executive director, led a Guatemalan delegation participating in the Digital Summit: E-Leaders and Red Gealc.

According to the Presidential Commission on Open and Electronic Government -GAE-, “Enrique Cossich has played a crucial role in steering e-government in the region, being a fundamental part of the first generation of e-gob directors who contributed to the establishment of the Latin American and Caribbean E-Government Network, Red Gealc.

From November 20-22, the event included two major international conferences gathering digital government authorities from the Americas.

About the Event

The Digital Summit also includes the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development -OECD- E-Leaders meeting. The annual conference brings together chief information officers -CIOs- and senior government officials from member and partner countries, providing a crucial space for exchanging best practices in digital government.

In addition, the XVII Annual Meeting of the Inter-American Digital Government Network, Red GEALC, was scheduled for the 21st and 22nd. Guatemala also stood out for being elected again as part of the Red GEALC committee, reaffirming its continued commitment to regional cooperation in digital government.

Both events provided a unique space where experts shared experiences and knowledge and addressed trends in the digital transformation of countries.

The Activities 

One of the summit’s highlights was the launch of the Latin American and Caribbean Digital Government Index, developed by the Inter-American Development Bank -IDB- and the OECD in collaboration.

It is also worth mentioning that the results published in December 2022 of the GovTech Maturity Index in Guatemala showed significant improvements in the public service delivery component.

Enrique Cossich’s participation in the summit reaffirms Guatemala’s commitment to digital innovation and its leading role in promoting regional collaboration for equitable development.

These advances are the result of the efforts led by GAE. In this process, each institution contributed to the procedures inventory and identified and prioritized those aimed at legal entities and individuals.

A total of 1,498 procedures were identified and prioritized, 521 of which were considered priorities based on the importance of the services. 26% of this group is already available online.

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