Guatemala Shares Its Experience at National Tourism Forum in Argentina

The Director of Inguat participated in the event where its overview was tourism and different experiences.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, Yuliza Muñoz -AGN- The Guatemalan Tourism Institute -Inguat- was entrusted with representing Guatemala and the Central American region at this event, an opportunity for important figures in the tourism industry to work together, exchange experiences, and promote initiatives for the sector’s development.

The Director of Inguat participated on the first day of the forum. The event focused on tourism as a path to regional integration and Latin American experiences.

The Director of Inguat stated, “I am delighted to be at the end of the world (nickname of the city in Argentina,) representing not only Guatemala but the Central American region. It has been a great experience to be here, to share and listen to the experience of other countries such as Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Colombia, and Argentina We talked about integration in tourism issues.” 

The Inguat Director also mentioned that it was an event highlighting Guatemala and Central America’s cultural, traditional, and gastronomic richness.

Tourism Forum

This year’s forum took place under the theme The re-evolution of emerging destinations in Argentina. The proposal was to continue betting on the regions’ development and highlight each one’s cultural value and identity.

 Two objectives were set to achieve this goal:

  • To encourage smart and sustainable development of emerging destinations, creating a meeting to reflect, exchange experiences, and promote innovative initiatives towards this goal.
  • Visualize and spread actions and experiences related to regional integration, technological transformation, and sustainability through spaces for interacting between the national, province, and local public sectors, the private and academic sectors, third-sector organizations, and the community in general.

Finally, Guatemala continues to participate in international events to show the world the richness it possesses and leave its mark on being the best destination in the region.

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