Guatemala Reaffirms Its Support for Ukraine at the Global Food Security Summit 

President Alejandro Giammattei stressed the importance of continuing agreements allowing grain flow from Ukraine for exportation.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, Nov 23 (AGN) – During the Global Food Security Summit, Safe Grain, the President of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, expressed in a strong message his position on the crisis unleashed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Since the start of the invasion almost two years ago, the Guatemalan Government has strongly condemned the Russian military action. President Giammattei underscored his full support for Ukraine, expressing his solidarity in multilateral forums and at international events such as the United Nations General Assembly.

Defending trade agreements

The President of Guatemala stressed the importance of maintaining agreements allowing the grain to flow from Ukraine for exportation. He then highlighted initiatives such as the Black Sea Grains, negotiated by the United Nations -UN- and Türkiye. These actions have mitigated the impact of the war on world food security.

At the summit, Guatemala reaffirmed its commitment to the continuity of Black Sea Grains.  Additionally, the President requested the active participation of Latin American and Caribbean countries in this initiative.

President Giammattei emphasized that actions in times of war must prioritize respect for the lives of civilians, especially the most vulnerable.

He stated, “The actions of war must ensure unrestricted respect for the lives of civilians and avoid harm to the most disadvantaged populations.”

He also advocated global collaboration to minimize collateral damage to affected populations.

The government of Guatemala is concerned about the destabilization of food prices due to the bans on grain exports from Ukraine. It was underlined how this situation affects not only the development and lives of the communities but also health and nutrition worldwide, as well as the development of the agricultural and food industries.

Appeal for action in Ukraine

Guatemala stressed the importance of renewing the Black Sea Grains initiative. The President also reaffirmed the opposition to using hunger as a tool of war.

At the summit, Guatemala advocated for the prompt reactivation of this food chain, and a cease-fire to the hostilities.

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