Guatemala Promotes Sustainable Tourism Observatories

The initiative aims to promote more responsible and sustainable actions contributing to the country's tourism sector.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN- The Guatemalan Tourism Institute -Inguat- is promoting Sustainable Tourism Observatories to monitor the economic, environmental, and social impact of tourism in the country.

Regarding these projects, the Director of Inguat, Anayansy Rodríguez stated, “We now have two Sustainable Tourism Observatories in important destinations as part of the projects we promote alongside the World Tourism Organization -UNWTO-.”

The Locations 

Director Rodriguez mentioned that these observatories are located in Antigua Guatemala and Petén.

The presentation of the Petén observatory was held on July 4 of this year. It is part of the plans, programs, and projects in the Tourism Development Plan of the Municipality of Flores.

Inguat indicates that implementing this tool will help to enhance the development of the Petén tourist region, Adventure in the Mayan World.

Antigua Guatemala

Inguat presented the new Sustainable Tourism Observatory in Antigua Guatemala, on August 21.

Inguat authorities explained that the observatory was created as a comprehensive proposal to responsibly protect and promote the colonial city.

With the implementation of these tools and the results they will yield, it will be possible to identify gaps that need to be reinforced and create new actions for developing the tourism sector in these two locations and other destinations in Guatemala.

About the Program

The Sustainable Tourism Observatory is a system developed by the World Tourism Organization -UNWTO- to manage scientific information about tourism to create improvements and solutions to various issues.

These are part of the INSTO tourism observatory network, which monitors the tourism sector’s economic, environmental, and social impact.

This initiative focuses on UNWTO’s growing commitment to sustainability and tourism resilience in the various regions it encompasses.

The data highlights that since their creation in 2004, at least 31 observatories have joined UNWTO’s INSTO Network to manage evidence-based tourism plans using this tool.

Inguat, on the other hand, is responsible for developing the necessary processes to integrate, update, systematize, and disseminate statistical information about Guatemalan tourism. It also oversees the planning, development, and promotion processes for decision-making in this industry.

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