Guatemala Praised for Protecting Life and Family

Maria Kopp Institute for Demography and Families sent a letter to the President of Guatemala praising his actions for protecting life.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City – AGN – The Geneva Consensus representatives congratulated the Government of Guatemala for championing  life and family.

Through a letter addressed to the president of Guatemala, the Maria Kopp Institute of Demography and Families thanked the current administration for declaring March 9 as the Day of Life and Family.

“We would like to congratulate and wholeheartedly thank President Alejandro Giammattei and the distinguished Government of Guatemala for designating the 9th of March as Day for Life and Family,” the letter states.

The Institute encouraged the government to defend the Geneva Consensus Declaration in the Americas.

They added “We would like to encourage all participants to join the Declaration and to work together following our core values.” 

Importance of the Declaration

On October 12, 2021, Guatemala joined the Geneva Consensus Declaration. This document supports women’s health and promotes the strengthening of the family.

In addition, the Declaration supports  the role of the family as the foundation of society and as a source of health, comfort, and care.

It is based on seven pillars:

  • The Human Rights of women and girls are an inalienable and comprehensive part of them.
  • Men and women should have equal rights, opportunities, and access to resources.
  • The right to life is inherent to humans.
  • The non-promotion of abortion as a method of family planning.
  • The family is a natural and essential element of society.
  • Health care must be universal
  • Governments are responsible for determining how to achieve health care in their territories.

About the Institute

The Mária Kopp Institute of Demography and Families is a Hungarian institute, part of the Hungarian government, focused on demography and the strengthening and supporting the family. Currently, the Government of Hungary serves as the Secretariat of the Geneva Consensus Declaration -GCD- and the Secretariat is operated through the Mária Kopp Institute since its priority is the family.

Moreover, Hungary was one of the countries that co-sponsored the Geneva Consensus Declaration, which now has 36 members.

The institute stated in a letter to the President of Guatemala: “Hungary is convinced that any decision concerning families, marriages, and the protection of our children can only be decided on the national level.”

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