Guatemala participates  in the World Economic Forum in Davos

The Minister of Economy, Janio Rosales, is at Davos, Switzerland representing the Government of Guatemala at the World Economic Forum.

by Pamela Contreras

This event gathers the main political, business, cultural, and other leaders of society to define global, regional, and industrial agendas. The meeting carefully combines and balances several public and private sector organizations, international organizations, and academic institutions.

Work Agenda 

At the World Economic Forum 2023, the Minister of Economy, Janio Rosales, is fulfilling a busy  agenda of important bilateral meetings, including a meeting with Henley & Partners, a world leader in residency and citizenship planning for international mobile entrepreneurs and investors.

In addition, the head  of the Ministry of Economy -MINECO- held a meeting with the Minister of Promotion and Investment of Honduras, Miguel Medina, to discuss issues such as the development of local markets for goods and services, the protection of natural resources and the appropriate introduction in the political and economic field, among other topics. 

By doing so, Minister Rosales is holding different meetings as part of the economic and investment attraction agenda for Guatemala. 

Jobs Consortium

The World Economic Forum has the Jobs Consortium project, a coalition of CEOs, ministers, and other leaders with a common vision of a better working future for all. Its main areas of action focus on boosting the forecasting of labor market trends for the future, identifying investments in key sectors for employment opportunities, and supporting high-quality jobs, fair wages, and dynamic labor transitions.  

In his participation, Minister Rosales had the opportunity to share ideas on how public-private collaboration can create a better working future for all. According to Minister Rosales, “The Guatemala Moving Forward Plan, a unique public-private partnership with the goal of generating 2.5 million quality jobs for Guatemalans in 10 years by attracting nearshoring investments and boosting SMEs, has set a regional precedent. These efforts can be shown in scenarios, such as the World Economic Forum’s Jobs Consortium, guiding other nations to create better jobs and enhance economic growth.”

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