Guatemala Launches Electronic Traveler Declaration

The website will now allow travelers to complete the requirement up to 15 days before their trip.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Jenny Herrera -AGN-. Tourists and travelers entering and leaving Guatemala will now be able to complete their regional traveler declaration through the website

The authorities of the Superintendence of Tax Administration -SAT-, Superintendence of Banks -SIB- and the Guatemalan Migration Institute -IGM- presented this new immigration entry measure. Regarding this improvement, the head of SAT stated, “This new process will facilitate the control and completion of the traveler declaration and allow for more effective travel control at customs. We can now gather statistics on trips and other data.”


In the presentation, the authorities reported that this new process will reduce paper usage costs, as travelers used to fill out their sworn declarations by hand. “The printed declaration had an annual cost of USD 240,000.” stated the SAT Superintendent. Authorities expect this new process to reduce yearly expenses by USD 220,000. 

With this launch, Guatemala joins El Salvador and Honduras in implementing this process. The neighboring countries started using the electronic travel declaration in March this year.

Additionally, it streamlines the tax declaration process, reduces paper usage, saves time, ensures more accurate records, and contributes to the country’s modernization.

Las fases

This electronic traveler declaration will be implemented in phases, starting with a four-month trial period. The implementation stages are:

  • Implementation at La Aurora International Airport.
  • Implementation at Mundo Maya International Airport in September.
  • Implementation in maritime customs in November.
  • Installation of assistance kiosks at land customs in December. 

The regional declaration, or migration form, is a requirement for travelers. Central American countries, Panama, Belize, and the Dominican Republic have all standardized this document.

Sobre la declaración

The information fields have been reduced, and 11 will be auto-filled in the electronic version of the traveler declaration. This will allow travelers to complete their declaration in 2 to 4 minutes.

Travelers can also fill out and generate this declaration up to three days before the trip. The family circle may present a single document if the trip involves several family members.

Additionally, airline passengers may complete the electronic declaration during check-in.

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