Guatemala Improves Actions To Attract Investment And Prevent Irregular Migration

The government underscores the strategies for job opportunities in the country.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN- Several actions have been created in Guatemala to counteract irregular migration. For this purpose, the authorities are implementing strategies to attract investments to generate employment.

The President of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, explained that they have launched programs to strengthen projects to assist more Guatemalans, mainly those living in vulnerable situations, to improve their development and the country. These statements were made during the presentation of the campaign No te dejes engañar, ¡piénsalo 2 veces! (Don´t be fooled, think twice!)

“We knew we had to aid the most vulnerable when we started. We aimed to promote the country’s economic development to help people in their communities, creating employment opportunities and basic services projects.” stated the President.

He also mentioned that actions are strengthened to serve the population by creating prosperity walls to prevent more cases of irregular migration.

The President mentioned, “We wanted to create prosperity walls because only by addressing the structural causes that lead to poverty can we reduce irregular migration. Our priorities focused on creating jobs in Guatemala so that people don’t have to leave, and we are succeeding.”

A Stable Country

The President also commented on the rating given by Standard & Poor’s, which declared Guatemala with a stable economic outlook. He also underscored the country’s economy’s resilience and macroeconomic stability, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

He added that this rating was significant because it would make Guatemala more attractive for foreign investment.

“We are very close to achieving something we have always dreamed of, having the rating of an investment-level country. It is an excellent opportunity to improve the development of Guatemalans; we are now more attractive for foreign investment, which will create thousands of jobs.”  President Giammattei stated.


According to the President, the intention is to create strategic alliances and investments with international companies to create new employment opportunities for Guatemalans.

This project is a priority of the current administration to strengthen mechanisms that allow for regular, orderly, safe, and circular labor mobility.

These actions include the alliance with the Trident Company, which provided job opportunities in Alaska, the Yazaki Auto Parts factory in San Marcos, and the Pakka Inc. company, which also decided to support the development of Guatemala.

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