Guatemala Commemorates World Food Day 

This year's theme focuses on water care and its importance for good nutrition.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN-. Guatemala joins the celebrations for World Food Day. This year’s theme focuses on water protection and its importance for good nutrition.

The country, led by the Secretariat of Food and Nutritional Security of the Presidency of the Republic -Sesan-, joins the actions to ensure good food practices and eradicate malnutrition in the national territory.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations -FAO- has set for 2023 the slogan “Water is life. Water is food. Leave no one behind.”

The organization aims to raise awareness among people about the importance of this natural resource.

Actions in Guatemala

One of the strategies promoted in Guatemala in favor of food is the Great National Crusade for Nutrition -GCNN-, which also implements action plans for water treatment, ensuring that it is safe and potable.

Therefore, it was established as part of the principal axes of the National Food and Nutritional Security Policy -Polsan- 2022-2027.

The authorities also announced that between 2020 and May 2023, public investment in water and sanitation amounted to USD 837 million, equivalent to more than 4,400 projects.

Worldwide Situation

According to the FAO, 2.4 billion people live in countries with water crises. This problem causes complications in the development of agriculture and in meeting the daily needs of communities.

Local authorities call on people to join efforts and take the necessary measures to preserve water and promote the correct production of food by being agents of change.

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