Guatemala Commemorates 27 Years since the Signing of the Peace Accords

The commemorative event also paid homage to key figures who have worked to maintain peace in Guatemala.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN- Guatemala, celebrated the 27th anniversary of the Firm and Lasting Peace Accords signing. This historic event ended the armed conflict between the Army and the guerrillas.

An official ceremony at the National Palace of Culture included authorities from the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Presidential Commission for Peace and Human Rights -Copadeh-, and other special guests.

During the event, the Vice Minister of Culture highlighted the 80 anniversary of the National Palace of Peace and the many historical, political, and social events the monument has witnessed, including the signing of the Peace Accords on December 29, 1996.

Since that date, the west courtyard of the palace has been known as the Patio de la Paz, which contains the Peace Monument. This monument is a sculpture consisting of a base with 16 intertwined arms.

Messengers of Peace

During the commemorative event, Pastor Robin Agustín García Hernández and Commander General Giovanni Estuardo Cordón García of the Guatemalan Volunteer Firefighters Corps received an homage.

The homage was a recognition of their valuable contribution to maintaining peace in the country across various national spheres. The honorees at the event performed the change of the Peace Rose ceremony. They received diplomas certifying them as messengers of peace.

The Vice Minister of Culture underscored that the recognition was due to their tireless work promoting a culture of peace across Guatemala.

To conclude, the two honorees signed the golden book in the emblematic Patio de la Paz, accompanied by family and friends.


The Presidential Commissioner for Peace and Human Rights, Ramiro Alejandro Contreras, reported on the progress achieved in favor of peace in the country during these 27 years.

According to the commissioner, President Alejandro Giammattei’s government has led, through Copadeh, actions aimed at effectively enforcing and protecting human rights since the beginning of his administration.

During its three years of existence, these actions have allowed Copadeh to reach more than 43,000 people with education and training programs on human rights, culture of peace, and dialogue. It has also consolidated the Inter-Institutional Roundtable and other actors for a culture of peace.

The award “Ambassador of Peace” was also implemented, which has been granted to ten agencies of the Executive Branch to date. Six National Peace Festivals were also held, among other actions.

The Agreements

The Peace Agreements were signed on December 29, 1996, when the Guatemalan Government reiterated its commitment to the principles and regulations to guarantee the fulfillment of human rights.

The Government and the Unidad Revolucionaria Nacional Guatemalteca (URNG) signed the Peace Agreements between 1991 and 1996, allowing the end of the internal armed conflict.

For this reason, each December 29th, the authorities reaffirm their commitment to respecting human rights and comprehensive social development by peacefully resolving conflicts.

Copadeh was created during the current administration to support various organizations in achieving the mentioned goals. In several municipalities, this agency promotes citizen participation and multisectoral strengthening.

The Firm and Lasting Peace Agreements contain 17 points accompanied by declarations of political will to guarantee respect for constitutional guarantees.

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