Guatemala Calls for Transformation and Inclusion of the UN

President Giammattei underscored the importance of inclusion in this transformation, with a special emphasis on the Republic of China (Taiwan).

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN- The Guatemalan President, Alejandro Giammattei, emphasized today that the United Nations -UN- requires a transformation leading to a radical change in multilateralism.

President Giammattei noted that this transformation must recognize the importance of inclusion and universality within the organization.

Challenges for Humanity

During his speech, President Giammattei highlighted that this transformation of the UN should align with the challenges of humanity, such as peace and development. The president also called on the community of States to advance a proposal to define comprehensive reforms to the UN so that it rediscovers the path it embarked on after its foundation in 1945.

President Giammattei proposed initiating the fourth amendment to the UN charter as soon as possible to address new approaches in line with current times, which, while challenging, also present significant opportunities.

The amendment must ensure that the recognition of the sovereign equality of States is a reality and that resolving conflicts between countries by peaceful means is an obligation. Finally, nuclear energy should be used only for peaceful purposes.

Regarding attendance at the Assembly, President Giammattei said that the most important thing is that the members of the United Nations do not exclude anyone. “As our book Popol Vuh, from one of the world’s greatest civilizations, the Mayan civilization, says: “Arise, all of you, let there be not one group, not two groups, among us who remain behind the others.”


The president emphasized in his message that it is important that this transformation addresses the importance of inclusion and the universality of this organization.

In this regard, he expressed how, in the twenty-first century, this organization has excluded a country such as the Republic of China (Taiwan).

President Giammattei stated, “ A country that contributes to Science, cutting-edge technology, health, and development, among many others, but most importantly, we have excluded the citizens from the Republic of China (Taiwan) from having a voice that represents them in this forum.”

The president urged the United Nations to exhaust all necessary measures to ensure international peace and security in the strait of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

He also condemned the increasing military practices conducted in waters and airspace around the Republic of China (Taiwan). He said they endanger the region’s security and affect transportation and international trade.

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