Guatemala Awards 313 Sello Blanco Distinctions, Supporting Guatemalan Entrepreneurs

Mineco highlighted the quality and export potential of 66 MSMEs distinguished with the Sello Blanco distinction on December 1.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN- President Alejandro Giammattei’s administration has supported entrepreneurs and micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises -MSMEs- through the Sello Blanco program.

During a recent emission of the program President Giammattei hosts every Sunday, he highlighted that Sello Blanco contributes to reducing poverty and fosters local entrepreneurs. He underscored that the Ministry of Economy has awarded 313 Sello Blanco distinctions to productive units nationwide.  

This program promotes the quality of MSMEs in national and international markets.

Latest Award Ceremony

The Ministry of Economy emphasized the quality and export potential of 66 MSMEs that received the Sello Blanco distinction on December 1.

The event occurred at the National Museum of Art of Guatemala -Munag- in Antigua, Guatemala. Minister of Economy Luz Pérez, Vice Minister for MSME Development of Economy Rodolfo de León, and business leaders attended the event.

Through their products, entrepreneurs contribute to projecting the country’s cultural and historical identity, strengthening Guatemala’s position in the global market. This recognition is an achievement for the distinguished companies and the entire nation.

The Entrepreneurs

The recognized companies are job creators and play a fundamental role in promoting the quality of Guatemalan production.

Some of the recognized companies were:

  • Artesanías Nohemi textiles
  • Jades y plata Emanuel jewelry
  • Alispa cosmetics
  • Kape Finca Clarita coffee
  • Cardon chocolate

With this distinction, the government seeks to combat poverty by supporting them as they position themselves in the local and international markets. This strategy promotes economic growth and job creation.

International Markets

Meanwhile, other international events featuring products distinguished by Sello Blanco have included:

  • Caribbean Congress
  • Fiesta DC, in Washington, United States
  • The Toluca Fair in Mexico
  • MET in Miami
  • International SME Convention in New Delhi, India
  • National Restaurant Association in Chicago

Most recently, the Government of Guatemala, with the support of the private sector, inaugurated in Taiwan a space for the exhibition and sale of Guatemalan products within a famous local chain of coffee shops, where Sello Blanco achieved recognition.

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