Guatemala Achieves Strong Strikes Against Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime

The National Police has played a leading role against criminal organizations, with seizures worth more than USD 1.9 billion.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Lincy Rodríguez -AGN- In the last four years, the Government of Guatemala, through the Ministry of the Interior -Mingob- has implemented effective strategies to fight drug trafficking and organized crime. The General Subdirectorate for Analysis of Anti-Narcotics Information -SGAIA- of the National Civil Police -PNC- has had an outstanding role, impacting criminal organizations with seizures valued at USD 1.9 million.

Seizures of illicit substances

The seizure of 43,563 kilograms of illicit substances was one of the most significant achievements of the current administration. These include cocaine, marijuana, crack, and methamphetamines. The eradication of 73,573,630 marijuana, poppy, and coca bushes in strategic points of the country has been conducted.

Additionally, 2,182.3 metric tons of chemical substances and chemicals were destroyed, which has significantly contributed to preventing the production of synthetic drugs. In addition, 22 drug laboratories were demolished, and 65 clandestine landing strips were dismantled. These actions have contributed to a 90.25% reduction in the illegal entrance of aircraft into the country.

A total of 6,731 people were arrested for crimes related to drug trafficking and criminal activity, and 116 alleged drug traffickers were arrested for extradition to the United States. The seizure of vehicles, aircraft, boats, firearms, and money has also been significant, contributing to the weakening of criminal networks.

In public safety, there has been a 0.34% reduction in crime and 0.60% in homicides. For this reason, the Minister of the Interior, Byron René Borlescas, highlighted the commitment and work of the PNC in protecting the people’s lives and assets.

Continued commitment
The minister also emphasized that these achievements demonstrate the commitment made by the police forces in the fight against crime throughout the country.

The strategic deployment of police forces has positively impacted crime prevention and the general population’s protection. Therefore, with these results, Guatemala is moving towards building a safer and more peaceful environment.

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