Government Transition Commission Underscores Process Results

In a televised interview, the Government Transition Commission outlined the achievements of the transition process.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Daniel Coromac -AGN- The Government Transition Commission recalled the accomplishments achieved in the ongoing transition process.

In a televised interview, the Secretary for Planning and Programming of the Presidency -Segeplan- Keila Gramajo Vilchez emphasized that the transition process is historic and unprecedented in Guatemala and the region and that the process is necessary for the rule of law, ensuring democracy, and contributing to transparency.

Secretary Vilchez mentioned that the planning for this process began early in 2022, following President Alejandro Giammattei’s instructions. This procedure seeks the continuity of public administration, enabling the elected authorities and their team to understand the institutions for timely decision-making. It also showcases the achievements of current programs, emphasizing their significance through tangible results.

Secretary Vilchez pointed out that Guatemalans want to keep moving forward rather than a clean slate and that the transition process management has been orderly, efficient, transparent, and systematic.

Transition Progress

The transition process is advancing to conclude the second of three phases. This stage includes sector meetings in the 14 ministries, ten prioritized secretariats, and the Bank of Guatemala. The only meetings pending are with the Ministry of the Interior and the Secretariat of Food and Nutritional Security.

In the first phase, a roadmap for the process and the Transition Process Methodology were created, which received guidance from the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. President Alejandro Giammattei delivered this technical instrument to the President-elect. On September 11, the elected authorities also received institutional files and access to a digital platform created for them to review all the institutional information.

The third stage will build on the delivery of transition reports covering the latest results recorded throughout the administration. Secretary Vilchez highlighted that the reports take stock of the four years of administration and that President Giammattei will deliver it to the elected authorities, who would then assess the data for the proposal of a Public Policy of the State.

Adaptation of the Process

The Transition Process Methodology initially included approaching all municipalities in the Republic to understand local needs, as President Giammattei’s administration has focused on the local governments. However, the elected authorities decided to omit this fourth stage. The current government received this decision well and proceeded with the requested changes.

Exemplary Transition 

The transition process is unique and exemplary, and the Segeplan secretary emphasized that the Organization of American States -OAS- showed interest in it for adaptation in more countries in the region because it is effective and contributes to the stability of the rule of law. An OAS ambassador has been present in multiple sector meetings.

Ongoing training is being provided to elected mayors to strengthen local governments. The Secretariat for Executive Coordination of the Presidency is leading these training sessions. Secretary Vilchez also recalled that President Alejandro Giammattei created the Presidential Commission on Municipal Affairs, and there are other institutions for oversight, such as Segeplan and the National Institute of Public Administration.

Precedent for the Nation

The secretary then pointed out that this process sets a precedent for future governments to have a tool to implement the transition process.

Secretary Vilchez stated, “The most positive thing for a statesman is knowing that the next government will have all the information, generating confidence that public management can continue and improve. It should give peace of mind to Guatemalans that things are being done well.” 

The secretary indicated that the transition process has developed harmoniously, highlighting the commitment of those involved to the stability of public management.

To conclude, Secretary Keila Vilchez emphasized, “We have served the State, we have served the population, and it has been done wholeheartedly. Like all Guatemalans, we hope for better administrations for our children and grandchildren. This administration has given everything; President Giammattei has not missed a day of his duties. He is present from the early morning to late night to ensure results are delivered.”

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