Government Authorities Guarantee Maritime Safety and Security in Guatemala

The Ministries of the Interior, National Defense, Public Health, Agriculture, and the Secretariat of National Intelligence signed a document on marine protection.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Julio Morales -AGN- Guatemalan Government agencies signed the Interinstitutional Agreement for the Integration of the National Committee for the Protection of Vessels and Port Facilities.

The agreement was signed in the Justo Rufino Barrios hall of the Conference Center of the Ministry of National Defense.

The Purpose

The committee aims to strengthen the strategies and plans developed to ensure the safety and security of Guatemalan vessels, crews, and port facilities. It also promotes interinstitutional cooperation, better  port practices, and the prevention of illegal activities in the country.

Such coordination strengthens the  inter-institutional measures to guarantee marine safety and security. It allows for a timely and effective response to any threat to maintain the continuity of maritime-port operations in the country.

Finally,  through its different agencies, the Government of Guatemala reaffirms its commitment to continue promoting the country’s integration into the world economy, socio-economic development, the generation of competitive sources of employment, and the fight against crime.

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