Government and Elected Authorities Make Progress in Sector Meetings

The Presidential Transition Commission 2023-2024 initiated sectorial meetings with Government offices.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, -AGN- As part of the final phase of the transition process, the Presidential Transition Commission 2023-2024 began sector meetings with the elected authorities.

Both teams are coordinating these meetings to exchange information and experiences related to each of the ministries, secretariats, and other institutions that make up the State of Guatemala. The Organization of American States -OAS- has accompanied these encounters.

Culture and Sports

The first meeting occurred on October 10 at the National Palace of Culture. The head of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Felipe Aguilar, received the delegate of the elected Government, Ms. María Mercedes Arce.

During the transition meeting, Aguilar presented the progress of the projects launched and those executed during the current administration.

The presentation included various projects to preserve the country’s cultural richness. Guatemala’s cultural treasure boasts over 3,000 years of history.

Additionally, the Ministry of Culture and Sports authorities explained various refurbishments, restorations, recreational programs, construction of sports facilities, initiatives to support national artists, and other plans for promoting the country.

Energy and Mines

On October 11, the Ministry of Energy and Mines -MEM-, along with authorities from the Presidential Transition Commission and the OAS, provided a report on the portfolio’s actions to the team appointed by the elected authorities.

As the governing body in compliance with the General Electricity Law, MEM showcased the strategic actions that enabled the achievement of the General Government Policy 2020-2024 -GGP- objective.

The National Electrification Institute has a budget of USD 9.5 million for providing 3,500 households in prioritized departments with access to electric power in 2024.

Regarding clean and renewable energies, MEM authorities referred to the Electric Mobility Incentives Law, the Fuel Alcohol Law, and the National Energy Efficiency Policy 2023-2050.

Among the actions to promote energy savings, the Government minimizes external impacts that affect fuel prices.


The Ministry of Communications, Infrastructure, and Housing -CIV- authorities met with the elected Government’s transition team.

The head of the Communications portfolio, Javier Maldonado, his Vice Ministers, and representatives of the transition committee appointed by the Executive led the meeting.

CIV presented the progress achieved in the year’s second quarter in national road, school, and health infrastructure.

Minister Maldonado presented the execution of 1,062 projects and interventions in rural roads, road renovations, airport infrastructure, and school and hospital refurbishments.

These actions fulfill the pillars of Social Development, Economy, Competitiveness, and Prosperity of the General Government Policy 2020-2024.

During this year’s second quarter, the Ministry carried out 213 projects and 849 interventions across the country’s 22 departments.

The CIV authorities reported five health centers, 38 schools, 28 housing developments, and 33 vehicular bridges that received support for renovations and constructions.

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