Global Study Recognizes Guatemala as the Country with the Highest Number of Women Entrepreneurs

The study highlights that Latin America and the Caribbean have a long history of entrepreneurship, leading in the region in terms of starting their own businesses.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, -AGN- According to a study conducted in 49 countries by the Global Entrepreneurship Research Association, Guatemala had the highest percentage of female entrepreneurs in 2022.

Forbes Central America shared the study and highlighted the region’s inclusion in the list of countries with a high presence of women in emerging economies.

The ranking of countries establishes the percentage of women involved in the sector:

  • Guatemala 28.2%
  • Colombia 26.1% 
  • Togo 25.4% 
  • Chile 25.2% 
  • Panama 24.6% 
  • Uruguay 23.9% 

Likewise, with lower percentages are the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Puerto Rico, and Brazil.

The study highlighted that the Latin American and Caribbean region is historically entrepreneurial. 

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries offered business opportunities, representing a high percentage of initial-stage entrepreneurship.

Therefore, Guatemala reported the highest rates of start-ups and established businesses, with 14.1 % and 10.2 % in the women’s sector.

National Efforts

The government of Guatemala has promoted different actions to strengthen the knowledge and skills of Guatemalan women to provide them with tools to have a periodic income to improve their quality of life.

Different ministries work in programs to promote the creation of businesses, their growth, and, subsequently, formalization to comply with all legal requirements.

Among these is the Entrepreneur’s Route, a Ministry of Economy -Mineco-  program targeted at all Guatemalans interested in starting a business and requiring the support of professionals in the market.

This program offers a learning process in which small entrepreneurs receive assistance from the conception of an idea until its formalization.

With this, the authorities reiterated their commitment to serving the population by providing tools and knowledge that boost the country’s economy.

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