General Property Registry Facilitates and Innovates in Attention to Document Demand

Authorities report a reduction in document backlog.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN- The General Property Registry -RGP- has successfully implemented mechanisms to address the demand for documents entering the institution.

According to General Registrar José Miguel Gutiérrez Anzueto, they have reduced the volume of documents. Due to the high demand for documents entering the RGP, the team has implemented actions that have reduced the document backlog from approximately 25,000 to 5,000.

During the Virtual RGP Platform and Contact Center launch, the registrar Anzueto shared the institution’s progress. He explained that another achievement has been reducing the response time to requests. The institution’s response time was 25 to 30 business days, shortened to 5 to 8 days.

Functional Advances

The current administration is working to modernize the institution, achieve technological advancements, and make it a more competitive entity with high-quality registry services. The RGP was founded in 1877 and has made significant progress in its 146 years of service, especially in 2023.

Among the advancements detailed by registrar Anzueto is the organized registration of historical records in the General Archive of Central America. This process involves searching for documents that support registrations dating from the period of 1877 to 1936.

The “Pasadas” project is another initiative that involves digitizing images in  major books and focusing on a thorough review and update of the registry´s virtual library system. The RGP has also opened a new registry office in Guatemala City and has plans for two more in El Progreso, Guastatoya, and Cuilapa, Santa Rosa.

RGP data indicates that in 2021, 790,000 documents were submitted, nearly 800,000 in 2022, and the projection for 2023 is 840,000. Therefore, Registrar Gutiérrez emphasizes that efforts will continue to improve user service.

Registrar Gutiérrez highlighted the institution’s decision to innovate to meet the growing demand.

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