Foreign Minister Mario Búcaro Highlights The Attraction of More Than USD 6 Billion in Investments

Minex supports attracting investments into Guatemala through its network of trade councils in 17 countries worldwide.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, Brenda Larios -AGN- The Minister of Foreign Affairs -Minex- Mario Búcaro reported that more than USD 6 billion of investments were directed to the country during the current administration.

Minister Búcaro stated, “As part of the inter-institutional work through commercial diplomacy, we have been able to attract more than USD 6 billion in investments to Guatemala, with the support of the Ministry of Economy.” 

Therefore, this strategy protects Guatemala’s trade, tourism, and investment attraction. 

Commercial Councils

The purpose is to contribute to the reactivation of the Guatemalan economy through economic and commercial diplomacy. Minex has a network of twenty-one trade counselors worldwide.

“The network of trade counselors is located in embassies and consular missions with a presence in seventeen strategic countries and is part of the International Economic Policy.” the Minister of Foreign Affairs mentioned. 

The network was also implemented through the Inter-institutional Cooperation Agreement signed on September 2, 2020, by Minex, the Ministry of Economy -Mineco-, and the Guatemalan Tourism Institute -Inguat-.

One-stop investment window

Separately, on June 1, 2022, the Single Window for Investments -VUI- was launched. This tool is part of an inter-institutional effort in which Minex collaborates through its Network of Commercial Counselors.

The tool provides information and data about Guatemala and its macroeconomy. It also offers geo-referenced information on embassies and the Commercial Counselors Network for investors from abroad who wish to contact them directly to learn more about the opportunities in Guatemala.

As a result, this platform promotes communication between foreign entrepreneurs, allows traceability and transparency, and serves as a single point of inter-institutional interaction to facilitate complying with all the requirements to conduct business in our country.

Finally, another feature of this network is that it provides information on conducting more than sixty administrative procedures and presents the competitive advantages of our country.

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