Fight Against Drug Trafficking Results in Seizure of Drugs Worth Around USD 13 million

The agencies that comprise the Inter-Institutional Center Against Drug Trafficking in Guatemala -CICNAG- work together.

by Pamela Contreras

The government of Guatemala, through the Ministries of the Interior and Defense, combined with the Public Ministry and its Drug Trafficking Crimes Prosecutor’s Office, located an aircraft that landed illegally in Guatemala, transporting several duffle bags of drugs that would be transported in a boat by sea.

Erick Schaeffer, First Deputy Secretary General of the Public Ministry; Fernando Manolo Rodas de León, Vice Minister of Anti Narcotics; Wiliam Arnulfo López Chay, Chief of the Staff of the Army; Alan Ajiatas, Deputy Prosecutor of the Drug Trafficking Prosecutor’s Office; and Helver Beltetón, Deputy Director of Analysis of Anti Narcotics Information of the National Civil Police, provided the details of the case.

Schaeeffer indicated that this procedure is part of the strategic actions in the fight against drug activity developed by the Inter-Institutional Center against Drug Activity in Guatemala -CICNAG-.

In the procedure made by the Prosecutor for Drug Crimes, an aircraft that illegally entered and landed in the national territory was processed; according to the field test, around 950 packages positive for cocaine were seized, having an estimated value of USD 13 million.

In addition, six rifles, 289 ammunition, six hoppers, and a cell phone were seized.

Alan Ajiatas, the assistant section prosecutor of the Narcotics Crimes Prosecutor’s Office, said that the prosecutor’s office, and  the Anti-Narcotics Information Analysis Subdirectorate -SGAIA-, continues with the investigation proceedings.

He mentions that the facts  show the achievements that have been obtained through the implementation of CICNAG’s Inter-Institutional work.

In 2022, a total of 5,802.43 kilograms of cocaine with an estimated value of USD 78,332,805.00 were  confiscated up-to-date. 

 The institutions that comprise the -CICNAG- reiterate their commitment to continue the fight against drug trafficking and all crimes that affect citizens and urge  to make criminal reports in all District Attorney’s offices, municipal and prosecutor agencies nationwide or through the website  or in the app Reportes MP  available for Android devices.

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