European Union Underscores the Support of Law Enforcement The Security Forces During the Electoral Process

The entity presented its final report on the electoral observation mission in Guatemala.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN- During the presentation of the final report of the European Union Electoral Observation Mission in Guatemala, the entity thanked the support received by the security forces.

During a press conference, the leader of the European Union Electoral Observation Mission, Jordi Cañas, highlighted the collaboration of the Guatemalan political authorities during the elections.

The official stated, “We want to thank the Police for guaranteeing our security in these elections.”

The Report

The European Union presented the report containing the conclusions and findings of the mission after the observation work.

Guatemala’s 2023 general elections were held in a generally calm environment, which indicates the initial part of the report detailing the progress of the process.

Security Operations

The National Civil Police deployed more than 43,000 officers during the elections, as  the Ministry of the Interior -Mingob- instructed.

Police personnel ensured the security of 3,825 polling centers across all 22 country departments. Authorities established control and registration posts at strategic points as part of the security operations and conducted patrols using both patrol cars and motorcycles.

For the second round of elections, authorities emphasized the placement of control posts at the Presidential Palace, the Ministry of the Interior, and the General Directorate of the National Civil Police -PNC- to oversee the progress of the electoral process and ensure its orderly and peaceful development.

All these measures were part of the Security Plan 32-2023, implemented by the Government of Guatemala through the Ministry of the Interior -Mingob-. The primary objective of this plan was to safeguard the lives, physical integrity, and property of individuals exercising their right to vote.

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