Entrepreneurship Fair in Huehuetenango

The agricultural trade fair will be promoted in other departments through social media.

by Pamela Contreras

Huehuetenango, by -AGN-. Government agencies and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations -FAO- announced a trade fair with entrepreneurs and local School Food Law producers in the Huehuetenango department to support producers and promote a formal and sustainable market.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food -MAGA- maintains this type of alliance to market the products.


The fair will promote the quality of products harvested in the department through social media. Considering these activities’ economic benefits, these alliances continue to be promoted with other cooperating partners to promote local family economic development.

Among the traders are farmers, coffee growers, egg and dairy producers, and entrepreneurs in household cleaning products and handicrafts.

Some enterprises are part of the formal economy, as they already have an invoice, a commercial registry, a brand, and a label; therefore, these actions are intended to support other producers to have the same support and be more competitive at the regional and national levels.

The Alliances

FAO has developed actions and alliances with MAGA and the Ministry of Economy, with the participation of producers from San Marcos and Huehuetenango.

Entrepreneurs seek to secure potential customers for their products. These commercial links are one of the keys to transition from informality to formality so that there is co-responsibility, promoting the economic stability of Guatemalan families.

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