Effective Combat Against Drug Trafficking During the Current Administration

Security forces have seized over USD 1 billion from drug-related illicit activities.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Lincy Rodríguez -AGN- The Ministry of the Interior -Mingob- has achieved positive outcomes from 2020 through October 2023 due to efforts in the battle against drug trafficking. Among the most notable accomplishments are thousands of arrests linked to drug trafficking, seizures of narcotics, and a significant reduction in illegal aircraft landings.

Significant Seizures

Furthermore, the report reveals impressive seizures. These include substantial amounts of drugs and assets, as well as currencies of various denominations.

The total of drug and asset seizures is more than USD 474.4 million. At the same time, the value of the eradicated marijuana, poppy, and coca bushes exceeds USD 820.5 million. In this way, the security forces deprived the cartels of USD 1.3 billion.

The report also highlights the destruction of 2,237 metric tons of precursors and chemical substances through incineration, evaporation, and neutralization methods. This comprehensive approach contributes to weakening the drug production capacity.

Key Actions

The National Civil Police -PNC- has played a crucial role, having apprehended 6,535 individuals involved in drug-related crimes. Among these are 111 criminals with extradition orders, strengthening the international fight against drug trafficking.

In addition, in the battle against illicit air trafficking, the report notes a substantial improvement. In 2023, only three illicit aircraft were detected, compared to 10 in 2022, 18 in 2021, and 41 in 2020. This progress is attributed to the strategic deployment of government aircraft.

Furthermore, as part of the anti-narcotics effort, the destruction of 64 clandestine airstrips and 20 laboratories dedicated to the production of cocaine base paste is reported. These strikes reduce the operational capacity of the cartels and strengthen control over drug routes and production.

Similarly, with a total of 2,237 metric tons of precursors and chemical substances destroyed, the authorities demonstrate an unwavering commitment to the fight against drug trafficking.

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