Drugs Worth millions are Removed for Distribution

Guatemala is firmly against drug trafficking and organized crime.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Lincy Rodríguez -AGN- The Sub-Directorate General of Anti-Narcotics Information Analysis -SGAIA- of the National Civil Police -PNC-, in collaboration with the Public Ministry -MP- and the Incinerator Commission, conducted an analysis and the drugs tested positive for cocaine. This joint operation was to transfer and destroy 159 kilograms of narcotics in October. 

Previously, antinarcotics agents discovered a container proceeding from Ecuador in Puerto Quetzal, Escuintla, in July. This cargo unit concealed 140 packages of possible cocaine with an approximate value of USD 1.8 million.

Air transportation 

After the analysis and weighing of the substances, the Air Unit of the Ministry of the Interior -Unagob- was in charge of transporting the drugs from the anti-narcotics warehouse to the Chemical Precursors Complex in Estanzuela y Navajas, San José del Golfo, Guatemala.

The destruction

The operation also represents the tenth-largest drug destruction of the year. Nevertheless, the authorities perform daily incinerations of shipments of less than 100 kilograms after a thorough analysis. During these processes, representatives of the PNC, the MP, the Judicial Organism -OJ- and the Incineration Commission were present.


The PNC subdirector for antinarcotics, Helver Beltetón, confirmed the seizures resulted in 3,897.22 kilograms of cocaine, 547.97 kilograms of marijuana, 6.18 kilograms of crack, 23.37 kilograms of methamphetamine.


Through the Ministry of the Interior -Mingob- and under the coordination of the Fifth Anti-Narcotics Vice-Ministry, the Government of Guatemala continues to develop these actions as part of the fight against drug trafficking and transnational organized crime in Guatemala.

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