Draft Budget 2024 Will Prioritize Social Development

The Ministry of Finance held a "Social Development" workshop as part of the Open Budget.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala, by AGN.- The Ministry of Public Finance held a workshop on Social Development within the context of the Open Budget 2024, highlighting it as one of the main pillars of the General Government Policy, to which more resources are assigned to strengthen the health and education sectors, among others.

Authorities from the Ministries of Education, Public Health, Social Development, Communications, and Environment and Natural Resources participated in the activity.

They presented the main programs that will be implemented next year.

Program Strengthening

The Vice Minister of Administrative Education explained that the School Feeding, School Supplies, Didactic Bags, and Free Education programs will be enhanced.

In addition, School Health Insurance will be a priority for nursery, elementary, middle, and high school, as well as School Meals, School Health Insurance, and Community Development Centers in early education programs.

The Vice-Minister of Financial Administration of the Ministry of Health stated that the most important programs to reinforce include the prevention of child mortality and chronic malnutrition, prevention and control of STIs, HIV/AIDS, prevention and control of tuberculosis, and prevention and control of vector and zoonotic diseases.


The Minister of Social Development emphasized that the programs and production prioritized in the 2024 budget include assistance for proper food consumption.

The 2024 budget also foresees prioritizing the prevention of delinquency among adolescents and young people; conditional cash transfers in health, education, equipment, services, and infrastructure for social development.

The Ministry of Communications, Infrastructure, and Housing will emphasize road infrastructure development.

The Vice-Minister of the Environment indicated that the main focus would  be climate change environmental management programs.

The budget is the instrument for the development of a country. For this reason, it is important to generate an orderly and transparent process in which all social programs are considered.

Usually, budget design and execution are based on results-based management.

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