Dominican Delegation Shares Experiences on Sustainable Tourism

Guatemala hosted a delegation from the Dominican Republic to discuss sustainable development and growth.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Yuliza Muñoz -AGN- Guatemala welcomed a delegation from the Dominican Republic to exchange experiences on sustainable tourism.

The Guatemalan Institute of Tourism -Inguat- announced that this visit is part of the Triangular Cooperation Project between the Dominican Republic, the German Society for International Cooperation -GIZ-, and Inguat.

The meeting’s objectives include addressing issues related to developing and implementing innovative, sustainable, and resilient tourism practices in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. Additionally, the aim is to enhance the capabilities of personnel to provide better services and improve tourism practices.

Both nations are jointly undertaking various actions to create strategies for tourism growth.

One of the plans involves following up on the Open Skies agreement, which aims to reduce flight prices and facilitate the free movement of goods. This initiative is already operational with other countries in the Central American region, such as El Salvador.

On previous occasions, authorities from the Dominican Republic and Guatemala have discussed strategic investment in priority sectors for mutual benefit.

Guatemala and the Dominican Republic 

Both countries have maintained diplomatic relations since August 31, 1844. After a series of disagreements, the nations restored their relationship in 1954 during the presidency of Carlos Castillo Armas.

One hundred and seventy-eight years later, both nations continue to be committed to improving their bonds of friendship and cooperation for the well-being of the Dominican and Guatemalan peoples.

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