Disetur Provides Security For Visitors to Pacaya Volcano

More than 62,507 tourists have visited this volcano this year.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Kevin Castillo -AGN- The Ministry of the Interior -Mingob-, through the Tourism Security Division -Disetur- of the National Civil Police -PNC-, has recently launched the Safe Tourism Destinations Program 2023 at the Pacaya Volcano.

This program focuses on protecting the lives, physical integrity, and patrimony of all visitors exploring the volcano. The purpose is also to prioritize implementing operations and prevention actions in the areas surrounding the volcano and on authorized trails.

Protection and Safety

The Disetur inspector indicated the implementation of security and strategies for protecting national and foreign visitors during vacations and national holidays.

The Inspector of Disetur stated, “Police officers escort visitors on the paths to the volcano and carry out constant patrols in the surrounding areas to prevent any criminal incidents, contributing to the development and strengthening of sustainable tourism in the communities of San Vicente Pacaya, Escuintla.”


The visits have a positive economic impact since merchants offer a variety of products and services to facilitate climbing the volcano.

“The presence of the police in the surroundings and on the trails of the ascent to the Pacaya Volcano generates an atmosphere of confidence and security for national and foreign visitors.” mentioned the Disitur Inspector. 

The Pacaya Volcano has an altitude of roughly 2,562 meters above sea level and is located between the Guatemala and Escuintla departments.


Visitors can ascend the La Corna trail. This begins in the village of Concepción El Cedro and reaches Cerro Chino, where one of the oldest craters is located. A main trail starts in the San Francisco de Sales village and leads to La Meseta, where the Macknney crater can be admired.

The PNC’s efforts have been essential to prevent criminal incidents from occurring during the ascents. For more information on the tours, please visit www.volcanpacaya.info.

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