DEIC Has Conducted 6,900 Security Measures Through MAIMI During the Year

MAIMI is a system of immediate and comprehensive care for women victims of domestic violence.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Lincy Rodríguez -AGN-. According to the National Civil Police -PNC-, in 2023, the staff of the Model of Comprehensive Care for Women Victims of Domestic Violence -MAIMI- has carried out 6,900 security measures ordered by family judges.

MAIMI’s headquarters are in zone 7 of the capital city.

Dora Tizol, representative of the Office of Victim Services at MAIMI, expressed their responsibility to carry out the court-ordered measures. She also emphasized that most of these interventions are focused on cases of violence against women and domestic violence. She stressed that more than 25 new security measures are received daily.

Every day, more than 25 security measures are submitted to the Office of Attention to Victims. During the year,  6,900 women who in some way sought to remove different goods from their homes and protect their children received support.

According to Tizol, their work is about implementing measures and offering psychological support to the victims. It provides them with a safe space to express their fears and concerns. She highlighted the importance of coordinating with other institutions to ensure a comprehensive response.

Before entering a house, the Specialized Criminal Investigation Division -DEIC- staff implements rigorous personal security protocols. The reason for this precaution is the different reactions of the alleged aggressors; some are aggressive, while others cooperatively accept the measures ordered by the family judges.

Immediate and Comprehensive Response

MAIMI is a system of immediate and comprehensive assistance to provide differentiated and efficient responses to women victims of domestic violence.

It also focuses on inter-institutional coordination to prevent secondary victimization and improve criminal investigation mechanisms. The model seeks to support and protect those in need and vulnerable situations.

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