Cruise Ship with Tourists Arrived at Port Santo Tomás de Castilla

The 2023-2024 cruise season was officially inaugurated recently.

by Astrid Luna

Izabal, by -AGN- The cruise ship Europe of the Plantours-Kreuzfahrten Cruises Line arrived at Santo Tomás de Castilla port with 298 passengers and 148 crew members on board.

The Guatemalan Tourism Institute -Inguat- reported that during their stay, the passengers explored places such as Quiriguá, Río Dulce, the San Felipe de Lara Castle, and the Tikal National Park.

The Hamburg cruise ship from Belize, which, after it visited Guatemala, continued its journey to Port Cortés, Honduras. Another cruise ship, the Hamburg from Belize, continued its journey to Port Cortés in Honduras after visiting Guatemala.


For the 2023-2024 cruise season, Inguat expects the visit of 70000 passengers and 37,000 crew members.

The institute details that for this season, 17 cruise lines are expected to dock on the country’s coasts. The cruise season began in September and will end in July next year.

At least 33 ships plan to arrive on the Pacific coast and another 13 on the Atlantic shore.


According to the 2022-2023 season statistics, 65 cruise ships were registered from October to July.

From these, 41 arrived at Port Quetzal and 24 at Santo Tomás de Castilla. As a result, 79,854 passengers and 43,099 crew members arrived in the country. 

Recently, Porthole Cruise and Travel magazine recognized Guatemala as the best cruise destination in Central America.

The magazine published the award winners, who the readers granted. Guatemala stood out as the region’s best destination. 

Porthole Cruise and Travel is distributed internationally, and its content is focused on cruise travel, making it one of the most important publications in the tourism sector.

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