Country Brand: Strengthening Guatemala’s Promotion, Position, and Identity in International Markets

The strategy is part of the General Government Policy 2020-2024.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, (AGN) – The Guatemala Country Brand strategy is part of the General Government Policy, PGG 2020-2024, which establishes actions to promote the growth of exports, tourism, and foreign direct investment through its connection with the world. 

As part of the Guatemala Country Brand launch, the government entities signed an inter-institutional agreement. The purpose is to establish the general bases of inter-institutional cooperation for the promotion and positioning of the nation. It also seeks to strengthen the Guatemala Country Brand nationally and internationally. 

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mario Búcaro, stated that Guatemala will have the opportunity to promote its positive and competitive image in international markets through a multilateral aspect.

According to experts, the positioning strategy of a country aims to promote the origin of its products, companies, and people in global markets.

For this reason, the United States, Mexico, Spain, South Korea, Colombia, El Salvador, Canada, Germany, Honduras, Republic of China (Taiwan), France, Italy, Netherlands, Great Britain, and Costa Rica are priority markets for the Guatemala Country Brand.

“I would also like to emphasize that our 84 missions, embassies, and consulates, will be committed to promote the brand around the world,” said Búcaro.

Tourism Attraction

On August 24, the government of President Alejandro Giammattei presented a strategy that defines its own identity in international markets. This is based on three aspects: tourism, exports, and direct foreign investment.

Anayansy Rodríguez, director of the Guatemalan tourism institute, pointed out that the strategy is a step forward in the economic recovery of the tourism sector.

She emphasized that the institute is committed to promoting Guatemala through its new Country Brand. For this reason, Guatemala will make the most of every international fair and exhibition in which it participates. 

In the upcoming months, Guatemala will participate in the Convention of  Incentive, Business Travel, and Meetings of the Americas, to be held in Mexico. Also, the country will be present at TOP RESA in Paris, in the World Travel Market in London, and at the International Tourism Fair in Madrid.

“It has been proven that these activities directly contribute to the tourism value chain to benefit entrepreneurs of lodging, food, transportation, tour operators, complementary service providers, and artisans,” added Rodríguez.

The president acknowledged the efforts of individuals, government institutions, academics, and the private sector participating in the project.

A Nation Project

The Minister of Economy, Janio Rosales, considered the creation of Country Brand essential as a national project for Guatemala. This is promoted by several productive and export sectors, including business chambers. He mentioned that the next step should be to promote the brand throughout the country.

He also informed that part of the strategy is to boost the Country Brand in different international events, such as the Conference Time, on September 22 in New York.

In addition, the brand will be positioned as powerful and solid, spreading information about Guatemala’s culture, economy, tourist attractions, and geographical location.

Finally, the authorities reiterated the commitment to show Guatemala as a competitive country in tourism, investment, and exports.

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