Consular Program Arrives in Guatemala to Boost Women’s Success

Women entrepreneurs united for success with PCEME.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by -AGN- As part of an effort to strengthen ties between Mexico and Guatemala and promote female entrepreneurship, the Mexican Consul in Guatemala, Alejandro Martínez Peralta, met with the Minister of Economy, Luz Pérez, to introduce an ambitious program to support women in business.

A highlight of this program is its openness to Guatemalan women who wish to participate. Additionally, it was announced that Guatemalan women entrepreneurs can access free training through a digital platform.

This program, known as the Consular Entrepreneurship Program for Mexican Women Abroad -PCEME-, seeks to provide the necessary tools and resources to develop their business ideas. The PCEME offers training, mentoring, networking sessions, and courses, among other benefits, intending to foster business success.

Ministry of Economy

During the meeting, the Guatemalan Ministry of Economy -Mineco- committed to working closely on this project. The technical team of Mineco provides its expertise and support, working together with the consular program to ensure its success. A joint technical roundtable will be established to ensure an adequate flow of knowledge and resources.

This collaborative step in supporting women’s entrepreneurship is essential in promoting economic opportunities for Mexico and Guatemala. Consul Alejandro Martínez Peralta expressed his enthusiasm for the potential of this program. The program will also contribute to the region’s growth and development of women entrepreneurs.

The PCEME promises to be a milestone in strengthening the ties between Mexico and Guatemala so that women can achieve their goals and contribute to the economic growth of both countries, especially Guatemalan women’s entrepreneurship.

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