Comprehensive Health Visits are Promoted in Petén

The Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance promotes these initiatives.

by Astrid Luna

Petén, by -AGN- Cerro Lindo is one of the most neglected communities of Poptún, Petén, which, despite the distance, has not been a barrier for healthcare professionals committed to the welfare of the population who visit and provide assistance with a wide range of health services.

It is necessary to travel through narrow roads to access Cerro Lindo. Nevertheless, the satisfaction of each of the Poptún Municipal Health District members is meaningful since it is associated with the care and dignity of the residents.

During the comprehensive activities that are periodically scheduled, priority is given to the protection of nutrition in children under five years of age, which enables the prevention of chronic malnutrition cases.

The program is complemented with the delivery of vitamins and complementary fortified food. The parents also receive informative chats about the importance of providing this assistance for the well-being of their children.


Preventing neonatal maternal mortality is complemented by the assistance provided to pregnant mothers. The purpose is to detect emergency signals or symptoms whose prompt attention is vital in counteracting emergencies during childbirth and postpartum.

A high-risk pregnant mother was identified and taken to Poptún Hospital for immediate attention during a recent visit.

The results obtained in the comprehensive health days are the result of the fulfillment of the Great National Crusade for Nutrition and the Thousand Days Window. These actions are part of the commitments of the Health agenda through the Departmental Directorate of Integrated Health Services Networks -DDRISS-.

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