Comprehensive Deployment for Citizen Security

The essential role of coordination in the effective implementation of preventive strategies.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Lincy Rodríguez. -AGN- The National Civil Police -PNC- has followed up on the 44-2023 Operational Plan by implementing a security plan to reduce crime and strengthen citizen security. This comprehensive plan addresses several strategic areas to ensure a safer environment for people.

Verification and Assessment of Operating Actions

The police command led an exhaustive review of the operative actions conducted under the 44-2023 Plan. The assessment included key aspects such as mobility, statistical data, and tactical deployments. The aim is to ensure the measures’ effectiveness and make adjustments where necessary to optimize results.

Quality Service Supervision

Arody López, Deputy Director General of Information and Communication Technologies led the supervision at PNC Precinct 14. He focused on guaranteeing the correct functioning of the assigned technological equipment. This detailed review is essential to providing citizens with a modern, efficient security service.

The Deputy Director General of Studies and Training, Wilson Díaz, played a crucial role in supervising the operating and preventive actions of the 13th Precinct of the PNC in full compliance with the 44-2023 Operation Plan. Active coordination maximizes the effectiveness of the preventive strategies implemented in the field.

Moreover, the deployment demonstrates the commitment of the Guatemalan National Civil Police in the fight against crime. Combining continuous assessment, technological monitoring, and effective coordination strengthens institutional capacity to maintain citizen security and build more protected communities.

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