Coincon Reports USD 24.2 Million in Customs Adjustments

A total of 1,484 interinstitutional actions were carried out throughout the country during the first seven months of the year.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Brenda Larios -AGN- From January to July, the Interinstitutional Council for the Prevention and Combating of Tax Fraud and Customs Smuggling -Coincon- collected USD 24.2 million from customs duties and adjustments for the country’s benefit.

Regarding merchandise seizures, the head of the Superintendency of Tax Administration -SAT- stated, , “This year, USD 2.3 million in goods have been seized, valued at USD 2.3 million. Also, ten complaints have been filed for customs fraud valued at USD 5.2 million.”  

These actions comply with the General Government Plan that seeks greater economic growth and a significant increase in sources of sustainable employment as part of its strategies to benefit the country.

Interinstitutional Activities

The primary interinstitutional operations included:

  • 2 bilateral operations
  • 48 customs operations and interventions
  • 92 raids
  • 342 highway operations

During the year’s first seven months, Coincon conducted 1,484 interinstitutional actions. The most confiscated merchandise are footwear, toys, textiles, calculators, jewelry, electronics, and fragrances.

Seizures by region

During the press conference, the SAT authorities, in representation of Coincon, informed that the seizures by region amounted to:

  • South: USD 492.9 million
  • West: USD 344.7 million
  • Northeast: USD 1191.7 million
  • Central: USD 93.4 million

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