Book Donation Strengthens Technical Education

The Ministry of Education received the donation of fourteen new textbooks.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Lincy Rodríguez -AGN-In a joint effort to enhance Guatemala’s institutional framework, the Ministry of Economy and the European Union, through the Empleo Digno Program for the promotion of dignified employment in Guatemala -PED-, have made a significant donation of 14 textbooks to the Ministry of Education -Mineduc-.

Fourth-grade students pursuing technical careers in secondary and diversified education will benefit from these textbooks.

These books will play a pivotal role in educating Guatemala’s future professionals.

Fulfilling Commitments

The handover of this donation took place during a special event at Mineduc’s offices, marking a milestone in the Empleo Digno Program, which aims to promote dignified employment for Guatemalans.

This effort aligns with the commitment to bolster the institutional framework required to implement the National Policy for Dignified Employment in the country.

The Minister of Education, Claudia Ruíz de Estrada, and the Minister of Economy, Luz Pérez Contreras, attended the donation ceremony alongside the Empleo Digno Program coordinator, Víctor Ruano.

Technical staff from both ministries and Empleo Digno program also attended the event, emphasizing the significance of this inter-institutional collaboration.

The books were expertly crafted by professionals from various fields and cover essential topics for technical careers. These include managing combined travel, customer service, and environmental safety in the hospitality industry.

This inter-institutional collaboration demonstrates a commitment to enhancing education and promoting dignified employment in Guatemala. In doing so, it benefits Guatemalan youth and contributes to the country’s growth.

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