Authorities Signed a Memorandum to Promote IGSS Benefits to Migrants

Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Social Communication Secretariat of the Presidency, and the Social Security Institute signed the document.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, by Jenny Herrera -AGN-. Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs -Minex-, the Social Communication Secretariat of the Presidency -SCSP-, and the Guatemalan Institute of Social Security -IGSS- signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the recognition of Guatemalan migrants abroad. The document was signed at the National Palace of Culture.

Kevin López Oliva, Press Secretary of the Presidency; Mario Adolfo Búcaro, Minister of Foreign Affairs; José Adolfo Flamenco Jau, Chairman of the IGSS Board of Directors; and Edson Javier Rivera Méndez, General Manager of the IGSS, participated in the activity. 

This memorandum aims to coordinate government agencies to inform Guatemalan migrants residing in another country about the benefits offered by the social security system through Agreement 1543 on IGSS services to migrants and their families.

According to IGSS manager Edson Rivera, signing the memorandum of understanding between the three institutions is a sign that working together produces results, especially in the context that the IGSS is celebrating. For the first time in 77 years, we are knocking on the doors of Minex to spread the benefits.

Guatemala had not previously had a social security program focused on migrants. The signing of this agreement was made possible thanks to the administration of President Alejandro Giammattei. This agreement provides all the social security benefits to those outside the country and their families in case of illness, maternity, or accidents.

Many Guatemalan people living in the rest of the world can access social security in their country of origin, especially those with wives and minor children.

About the Program

The program provides a social security coverage plan for older adults who have made 240 contributions and reached the age of 60. Once these requirements have been met, they can access the advanced sickness program and a monthly pension.

The IGSS Board of Directors Chairman, José Adolfo Flamenco, said, “The tool facilitates our knowledge, scope, coverage, and use of the program within the social security system. Users can visit the web page, which contains the steps and all the information, including a video.”

This is one of the programs that supports and enhances the stability of Guatemalans in their return to their homeland.

Kevin López Oliva pointed out, “This is a program for the benefit of Guatemalan migrants, and that is why the signing of this memorandum is so essential. Canal de Gobierno contributes to promoting this social protection program so that they can be informed.”

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