Authorities of Guatemala Confirm the Seizure of Two Tons of Cocaine In a Semi-Submersible Vessel

On December 18, security forces carried out the analysis and counting of the semi-submersible vessel.

by Domenika Reyes

Guatemala City -AGN- After several hours of analysis, the National Civil Police -PNC confirmed that the semi-submersible vessel intercepted in the Pacific Ocean contained 1,720 packages of cocaine.

The PNC highlights that almost two tons of this seized drug have a value of about USD 22,496,700, which is a hard blow to drug trafficking.

The cocaine was found in 86 bags seized inside the vessel located in the Pacific Ocean by the National Defense Navy of the Guatemalan Army.

Seizure Transfer

The vessel was intercepted last Friday in a distant location; for that reason, the military elements arrived at the Pacific Naval Command this Sunday. 

At the scene, the anti-narcotics force of the PNC and the Public Ministry (MP) extracted the shipment, which was documented, counted,  and field tested.

According to the PNC, in addition to the seizure of the semi-submersible and drugs,  they captured three South Americans, all crew members of the vessel.

Fight Against Drug Trafficking

The authorities emphasize that this results from the fight against criminal structures involved in drug trafficking.

“This is another important result of the inter-institutional work carried out by the Government of Guatemala through investigations, analysis, and operations against transnational crime,” highlights the PNC.

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