Authorities Locate Illegal Plantations in Totonicapán and Zacapa

Thousands of marijuana and coca bushes were found and destroyed in two regions of the country.

by Victor Cojulún

Guatemala City, by Kevin Castillo -AGN- Agents of the Subdirectorate General of Analysis of Anti-Narcotic Information -SGAIA- of the National Civil Police -PNC- seized illegal plantations in Totonicapán and Zacapa.

The discovery of these illegal crops resulted from operations to search, locate, and eradicate illicit plantations in strategic areas.


SGAIA agents performed two operations in this department, yielding significant results.

The first operation eradicated and incinerated 5,800 marijuana bushes in Santa Lucía La Reforma. The illegal crops had an estimated value of USD 275,000.

A second operation in Momostenango resulted in the destruction of three fields containing 22,000 marijuana plants with an approximate value of USD 1 million.

Through these operations in Totonicapán, authorities located 27,800 bushes with a total value of USD 1,300,000.


SGAIA authorities incinerated 1,380 coca leaf bushes in Gualán, Zacapa. The bushes were in the harvesting phase and had an approximate value of USD 1,700.

The authorities performed additional tracking operations to determine the possible existence of more illicit activities related to the seizures.

Results for the Year  

Through operational work during 2023, security forces have eradicated 1,325,713 marijuana bushes, 7,934,861 coca leaf bushes, and 667,398 poppy plants nationwide. They have also seized 3,477.72 kilograms of possible cocaine, 85 pounds of alleged marijuana, 37 kilograms of presumed methamphetamine, and 31 kilograms of possible crack.

PNC authorities provide the following telephone numbers to safeguard citizens’ safety:

  • 110, Emergency 
  • 1561, Crime Stoppers 
  • 1577, Anti-Narcotics
  • 1574, Anti-Extortion
  • 1518, Confidential Hotline

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