Authorities Conducted An Analysis of Possible Drug Packages Seized In A Semi-Submersible Vessel

PNC highlights its efforts as part of the fight against drug trafficking.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, -AGN- Anti-narcotics agents are analyzing packages of possible drugs that were transported in a semi-submersible vessel intercepted in the Pacific Ocean.

According to authorities of the National Civil Police -PNC, this proceeding is taking place at the facilities of the Pacific Naval Command.

The National Civil Police also informed that this operation was conducted in collaboration with the Guatemalan Army and the Public Ministry -MP-.


The PNC stated that the drugs transported in 86 drug duffle bags in a semi-submersible vessel detected and intercepted by navy forces at sea are being tallied. 

The authorities emphasize that they will be updating the information on this anti-drug operation.

Three South American crew members were also located on the semi-submersible vessel.

Finally, the importance of making a complaint is critical in strengthening investigation processes, operations, and captures.

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