Assistance For Children With Malnutrition In Distant Communities

Brigades from the Ministry of Health visited each home to verify the condition of the children to provide prompt and timely assistance.

by Astrid Luna

Guatemala City, by Daniel Coromac -AGN- The Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance -MSPAS- reaches children in remote Petén communities who are recovering from malnutrition through health brigades. 

The personnel traveled long distances to visit each home searching for vulnerable children. The purpose of this was to accompany minors who were suffering from malnutrition and required assistance for a proper recovery.

The health services provided assistance to families in the remote communities of Dolores, Petén.

Proper Treatment

Home visits are essential to ensure the welfare of the Guatemalan children. Through these practices, appropriate treatments are provided according to the medical condition of each case.

Health authorities assess the epidemiological process and transfer cases to other healthcare centers if necessary. The visits to  Guatemalan families help to establish the evolution of the children by monitoring their weight, height, and vaccinations.

They also provide educational programs about:

  • Breastfeeding 
  • The importance of complementary feeding
  • Family planning

The teams comprise nursing, social workers, and rural health professionals who use these opportunities to visit the communities and identify new cases of malnutrition and other illnesses that require immediate attention in the community population.

In addition, parents are encouraged to use the free health services provided, which allows monitoring of their cases for their well-being and protection.

MSPAS continues to promote strategies to ensure and protect the nutrition of the country’s children.

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