A Historic Milestone for Guatemala’s Justice Sector: the Certification of 273 Prosecutor’s Agencies in Municipalities

by Victor Cojulún

Two hundred seventy-three Prosecutor’s Agencies in Municipalities -AFM- have been internationally certified with the ISO 9001:2015 standard during the tenure of Dr. María Consuelo Porras Argueta as Attorney General of the Republic and Head of the Public Ministry -MP-, marking a historic milestone within the Guatemalan justice sector.
One hundred eleven AFMs obtained the certification during the first period of Dr. Porras’ administration, from 2018 to 2022. One hundred sixty-two additional agencies received the certification during the first year of her second period in charge of the MP. The recertification of the Prosecutor’s Office for Extorsion Crimes is another noteworthy accomplishment.

The Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification -ICONTEC- awarded the certification, which positions the MP at the forefront of security and justice institutions in Guatemala and Central America. The MP is now the only institution with a certification of this magnitude granted by an external entity. The recognition ensures the quality of service provided to Guatemalan citizens.

The certification process is a crucial part of the focus on reinforcing criminal prosecution included in both the Strategic Institutional Plan -PEI- for 2018-2023 and the one developed for 2022-2026.

The certification guarantees that AFMs implement efficient processes and employ qualified personnel. Ongoing controls and measurements assess the agencies’ work and allow continuous improvement. The project also facilitates coordination between prosecutors and administrative areas to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.

The AFMs represent a historic achievement for Guatemala. Dr. Porras Argueta’s decision to bring justice closer to all Guatemalans without distinction ensures high-quality and humane attention, fostering peace and harmony throughout the country.

The certification of other prosecutor’s offices is underway

District and municipal prosecution offices have initiated a training program to obtain an international certification with the ISO 9001:2015 standard, based on the third axis of the Strategic Planning. This was an instruction from the Attorney General of the Republic.

Twenty-three district prosecution offices and 46 municipal prosecution offices will join the 273 already certified AFMs when they complete this process, ensuring that the entire national population receives services of the highest quality and international standards.

The Public Ministry reaffirms its commitment to serving citizens efficiently, effectively, with quality, and with warmth through the objective of having 342 certified prosecution offices with the international ISO 9001:2015 standard in the near future.

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