A Gastronomic Festival Was Announced in Panajachel, Sololá

The activities are carried out with the help of the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism.

by Astrid Luna

Sololá, by -AGN- Tradicional dishes, sweets, artisan crafts, jewelry, and paintings were part of the products at the Gastronomic and Cultural Festival in Santander Street, Panajachel, Sololá.

The purpose of the festival is to promote entrepreneurship through gastronomy.

Fernanda Grajeda, regional delegate of the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism -Inguat- stated, “Within the framework of safeguarding the culture of our beautiful Guatemala, it is essential to support these activities during these dates when Salvadoran citizens are expected to arrive. 

The delegate recalled that in 2022 they provided informative assistance to roughly 5,000 people, but this year the number of tourists is expected to increase by twenty percent.


As part of Inguat’s actions, a tourist information and assistance stand remains open in Panajachel. The stand has promotional brochures handed out to those asking for information. The authorities reiterate that they also assist tourists by calling 1500 and 2290-2810.

Domestic Tourism

Inguat continues to promote the initiative Viajando por Guate, to promote domestic tourism. These actions seek to encourage cultural and gastronomic diversity and the various tourist destinations in the country.

This promotional project focuses on showcasing the richness of two departments per month and will encourage domestic tourists to visit the various departments, offering affordable travel.

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