53 Foreigners Who Failed to Comply with Guatemalan Protocols are Sent Back to Immigration

Two groups of migrants who were in the country irregularly were located at different points in Chiquimula.

by Gerardo Rafael

Chiquimula, by AGN – Karla Gutiérrez. – Government actions to guarantee the safety of foreigners and Guatemalans continue by monitoring the compliance with current immigration protocols.

In this context, officers of the National Civil Police, PNC detained 53 citizens from different countries who were traveling through the territory without the required documents. Following the established regulations, they were provided with assistance and referred to a shelter of the Guatemalan Migration Institute, IGM which will continue with the procedures.

The report indicates that there were two groups. The first was integrated by 46 people and it was intercepted at kilometer 228 on the route to the Agua Caliente border, in Esquipulas, Chiquimula.

Police officers from the 23rd Precinct approached the foreigners and found that they did not comply with Guatemalan protocols for their stay in the country. This is the detail of their nationalities:

35 from Venezuela

2 from Ecuador

3 from China

2 from Haiti

3 from Dominican Republic

1 from Cuba

The other group was located at kilometer 177 of the Inter-American Highway, in the jurisdiction of Vado Hondo, also in Chiquimula. Members of the Port, Airports, and Border Points Division, DIPAFRONT, located them and referred them to the IGM. There were seven Venezuelans.

Permanent Actions

The government reiterates its respect for the right to migrate. However, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has established biosecurity protocols whose compliance is mandatory for any person intending to enter the country. The purpose is to protect Guatemalans and foreigners against the Coronavirus and prevent crimes such as human trafficking.

In this regard, it maintains actions to prevent the illegal traffic of migrants through the strengthening of border security and the prosecution of those who are involved in this crime. Additionally, it encourages the population not to put their lives at risk by trying to migrate in an irregular manner.

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