297 Criminal Structures Dismantled in Four Years of Government

The modernization of the security forces has been promoted.

by Pamela Contreras

Guatemala City, Guatemala, by Lincy Rodriguez -AGN-. The government announced dismantling 297 criminal structures during the last four years due to its national security efforts. The success comes from the modernization and continuous strengthening of the National Civil Police -PNC- through the Ministry of the Interior.

Implementing cutting-edge strategies and technologies has enabled the authorities to confront the threats from organized crime more effectively.

In this regard, investment in the latest technology has been crucial in tracking and dismantling these criminal structures. The use of advanced artificial intelligence and data analysis tools has enhanced the ability of security forces to identify criminal patterns and anticipate possible actions.

Tangible Results

Dismantling nearly 300 criminal structures represents a significant strike against organized crime. It also has a direct effect on citizen security. These tangible results generate confidence in the government’s ability to safeguard the integrity of society.

The achievement results from an ongoing strategy to maintain and strengthen the country’s security. The current administration is committed to modernizing the security forces, ensuring the country moves toward a safer and more resilient future.

The dismantling of 297 criminal structures in the last four years highlights the positive effect of the modernization and strengthening of the PNC, underscoring the importance of collaboration and the adoption of advanced technologies in the fight against organized crime.

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